Garage Construction – What You Need To Consider

Tired of parking your car out in the wind and the wet, and letting the weather take its toll? You may want to look into a separated garage, and doing some garage construction. This doesn’t have to be difficult if you do a little research and take the time to plan.

First of all, before you start paying people for estimates on garage construction, you should look into your local parking right of way situation. Cities and neighborhood associations may have right of way and access restrictions that will prevent you from building a garage. In particular, fire lane easements and landscaping easements may be tricky. Before you build a carport, make sure you go through the proper channels to get to the bottom of this.

Assuming you’ve done your research on what’s permitted, the next step to look at is space and drainage. Be sure to look at prevailing wind conditions and make sure that your garage, with its foundation, won’t become the new “low point” on your property, causing drainage problems when the rains come. Garage construction is a mixture between landscape development and architecture, tempered with practicality.

Before engaging in the actual construction of your garage, be sure to get a good estimate for concrete slabs for the foundation of the structure, and, of course, build a garage that meets not only your current needs, but the likely needs you’ll have in the future; for example, if you have a teenager who will eventually get their car, getting a garage with growth space would be wiser to do now than later. This requires a little foresight.

While your garage is probably not going to be climate-controlled, it is worth the time to look into using recycled construction materials, automatic timers, even solar panels for the roof. These can all give substantial tax write-offs on the garage construction costs, and provide you with substantial resale benefits down the line. More and more home buyers, looking into already existing construction, are looking for “green features”, and your garage is one way to improve the resale value of your home.

Your garage’s exterior should be built with the local climate in mind. While this seems to be a common-sense thing to do, many homeowners who go into garage construction completely miss the fact that materials and construction techniques vary from California to Maine, for example. Taking the extra time to choose an appropriate solution when building a carport is well worth it in the end.